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1.The two greatest people you will ever have the pleasure of knowing.

2.The complete, incomparable avatar of hexcellence.

3.Soul mates and perfect complements, absolute and divine.

4.The collective body consisting of Linzo and Vinny.

5.The purest, most beautiful form of friendship known to man.
1.Upon meeting Vinzo, the man went into a state of shock upon seeing something so incredibly wonderfizzle.

2.That is so amazing, it is akin to Vinzo.

3.The young couple was the picture of Vinzo.

4.Vinzo is under no circumstances to be confused with Linny.

5.The angels wept happily when they saw Vinzo, for it was the complete peace and love they had been waiting for all eternity to blossom.
by Gypsy the Magnificent January 28, 2005
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