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-Someone who loves all things vintage.
-Someone who decorates their house floor to ceiling with old lace doilies and antique photos.
-Someone who is on a first name basis with every flea market owner within 100 miles.
-Someone who wears vintage styles and doesn't care what others think.
-Someone who likes to mix rust with diamonds and tattered pearls with new crystal.
-Someone possibly obsessed with Marie Antoinette.
"She is such a Vintage Queen. Definitely born after her time."
by abbinme March 03, 2010
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A Vintage Queen is a woman, usually spoilt from childhood that thinks the world revolves around her and her life. She enjoys using people as toys or playthings for her amusement and talking about herself in the most boring or dramatical way possible at extreme lengths to anyone who will listen and will not stop talking once she finds people who will listen. Ever.

The wealthy/tendy ones are also usually known to have a small dog and will cary it around in their handbag whenever they can.
Paris Hilton - Example Vintage Queen.
by Salty Specula January 28, 2010
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