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vi∙nex∙ious (veee-neek-sioouuuss)
Word started by Eon Rodrigo and Kris Meek

1. Anything YOU think is positive or perfect.
2. Official colors are purple, pink, and white.
3. The definition of venexious shall not be spread around by mouth, and only this site shall hold the definition of the great word. If any person that doesnt know what vinexious is tell them "it means.. "vinexious". or tell them to look it up in the big ancient dictionary on the library. this will get people mad and outraged. It is one of the great effects of the word. so please, if you see this definition, keep it to your self. only the determined shall find the meaning of this word
man, that sex last night was vinexious.
that stunt was totally vinexious. is vinexious.
by Eon Rodrigo April 04, 2005
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