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The energy, the power that circulates around the center of life; a strong allure that forces other organisms toward it
the smell of flowers; the attraction of honey to a bear; the vast sea filled with wonderful creatures and life
by Utopia June 25, 2005
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A hot, fiesty indian girl with big brown eyes and a large smile. Usually sweet, cheerful, outgoing, and is friends with all. She is a bit crazy, but a loyal friend that will stick with you through it all.
Oh Vineeta? I love her dude.
by Ksksisisksjoaoaoa July 17, 2018
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a tall gangly creature, synonymous with arboreal mammmals that tend to be extremely lazy, like a sloth. Good-natured and sometimes funny, they tend to be dazed and confused at times
You're such a vineeta
by Professor_X January 04, 2005
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