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(n) A latin word for "bond," "chain," or "tie."

Vinculum is a term used in mathematics and anatomy.

In mathematics, a vinculum is a horizontal line that denotes a repeating/recurring set of digits

in decimal value. It's also the name of the fraction line that separates the numerator (numeral above)
from the denominator (numeral below).

In anatomy, a vinculum (plural: vincular) is a band of ligamentous or tendinous fibres of connecting tissue

that contains small vessels which supply blood to the tendon that attaches the flexor to the phalanx bone found in fingers and toes. Vincular is found in male genitalia, chicken feet, insect genitalia and vertebrates.
Looks like Hermione's bewitching spell had a crazy emotional effect on Ron.

Vinculum should be studied at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
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The sappy fluid, which resembles a sort of Asian condiment, that hangs of the genitalia just after getting out of a pool of Chinchilla urine.
"Dave, what smells like peanut sauce?"

"It's the dank vinculum hanging off my dong jewels"

(Dave is black)
by Dank ass bitch 317 January 09, 2014
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