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A character from Final Fantasy VII who is to fangirls as Tifa is for fanboys. With his cold demeanor, long flowing black locks, giant red cape, and piercing eyes he often causes many fangirls to leave their boyfriends. And yet because of a botched relationship with a girl in the past, he chooses to remain single.
"I think that Vincent Valentine is gonna be my new boyfriend"
"Yea....cept he's not real....and the giant claw kinda gets in the way...unless you're ready for blood loss whilst he holds you"
by Spike7741 July 17, 2006
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The Greatest Final Fantasy Character ever! HE ROCKS! Vincent Valentine has the best limit breaks, prettiest face, coolest clothes, says the neatest things, and has that stylish headband.
The only other character to come close to Vincent Vanentine's greatness is Reno.

Vincent Valentine is the coolest!
by Mary Jane Cocaine October 01, 2005
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