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Vincent Castronovo Jr. is a 14 year old boy who lives in New Jersey. He won runner-up with his former dance crew, ICONic Boyz, on America's Best Dance Crew Season 6 - Season of the Superstars. He left the group on July 21, 2011 because they were moving on to singing and acting, but Vincent just wanted to stick to dancing. "The end of something ICONic, the start of something GRAND." He was bullied as a child for wanting to be a dancer when he grew up. He has touched many lives with his inspiring story. His GRANDerz, (fans) know him as a wonderful and inspiring gentleman who is caring and kind. Over 100,000 people call themselves GRANDerz and are proud to be one. His number one inspiration is his abuela, or grandma.
Vincent's birthday is April 8, 1997.
Nicknames - Vinny, Vin, GRANDman, Vincenzo, Cenzo
Family background - he is Italian and Puerto-Rican. He has two BEAUTIFUL sisters, Bianca (17), and Alessandra (18). His father, Vincent Castronovo Sr., and the rest of the family own Albivi Brick Oven Pizza, a family run restaurant. Albivi stands for Al - Alessandra, Bi - Bianca, Vi - Vincent.

Twitter - @VinCastronovo
Fanmail - PO Box 429 Millstone Twsp NJ 08535-0429 
make sure to mail 2 stamps.
Vincent Castronovo is soooo GRAND!
by Mrscastronovo January 07, 2012
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