When you are banging a loose girl, spread her vagina open and fart inside it. Quickly put your penis back in her vagina and have sex with your own fart.
Man, Jenny was over last night, she was sooo lose. I just HAD to give her a Brick Oven! She Loved It!
by synthmasterj January 3, 2008
n. A place in a small town that redneck losers can hang out, eat themselves sick, check out the hot waitresses they stand no chance with and leave a crappy ass cheap tips when they are finished.
Hey, Bubba, I'm bout flat broke but I hear tell that new place on the corner's a real Brick Oven.
by Mama Roberts July 19, 2008
Its where you put Shit inside a condom, put it on your Dick and have intercourse with a girl.
I was giving it to a girl when she said, "that feels awkward..what is that" pulled it out-"you just got the brick oven burrito"
by Avionics USN April 9, 2008
a girl that is a huge cunt & is as brown as a staten island dego bitch.
brick oven cuz it looks like they had just came out of hitlers oven. Bitch because, hey, thats what they are.
The girl was straight up a brick oven bitch. Man she was a dirty bitch
by Mikethejew August 11, 2004
Someone who cannot catch a ball to save his/her life but is still hot as fuck anyway.
*(Billy doesn’t catch ball)* “Billy is such a brick oven. He should just die, but he’s cute so never mind. No homo!”
by Chip-skylark June 13, 2018