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a girl with rapunzel hair who makes a million audible noises a day (i really don't know what the count is currently).

she likes pigging out with her best friends and rocking out to disney sing it in sweatpants tied around her neck.

she enjoys facebook creeping and posting obscure things on people's walls.

she also loves to play tennis and, although she doesn't deserve her legs, they are pretty nice.

she's just the definition of a Lithuanian goddess.

if her boyfriend, paden, happens to see this while looking for a definition of her, he should know who wrote this because the person who wrote it commented on the post vilune posted on his wall.

oh, and she is often jokingly called a fat ho bag by her friends. <3
"god, look at that heffer with the little tennis skirt on. she is SUCH a vilune."

"her hair covers her butt, what a vilune."

"Stop being such a vilune!" *to be said to someone who repeatedly bleaches their hair.
by thewalrussingsatmidnight<3 November 20, 2010
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gorgeous tall blonde who is prettier than any brunette who has a great body and can shake what her momma gave her. fun-loving and likes to take long walks. gets all the hotties.
Man, that girl's so hot, she must be a Vilune.
by kewldude123456345 November 20, 2010
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