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1.The most suck assed High school you can go to. 90% of the students are on drugs, 99.1 % have lost their virginity by the middle of Freshman year, and 50% of them go to class because their teachers don't care
2. One of the largest growing towns in the U.S.
She graduated from Villa Rica High School... she knew absolutly shit when she got to college.

She got knocked up because everyone in Villa Rica has sex. They all end up pregnant or with STD's... sometimes both.

They are putting in a Home Depot right by my house. There are also about 8o fast food restaurants that I could probably walk to.
by Loosey LOOO April 20, 2006
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1. The city, Georgia's attempt at being multicultural--the city's name means "Rich Village" in Spanish. Since the year 2000, a large number of new residents has arrived, which is a good thing because the population of unintelligent, judgemental, and close-minded people needs some dilution. But at least it's slightly better than Carrollton.
2. The high school. Fellow Georgians may recall hearing a lot about VRHS in 2009-2010, thanks to the principal having FOX5 on speed-dial. He got criticized a lot for that and was forced to resign, and his replacement seems to care more about running an effective school than publicity.

For the most part, Villa Rica High has good teachers; they do have some bad ones but it's Georgia, that's to be expected. As it is in Villa Rica there are a bit too many of the aforementioned types of people, but there are quite a few students that are actually there to learn, especially in the advanced classes.
In 2040, Villa Rica will be part of Atlanta.

Villa Rica High School is like Georgia or North Carolina, it's only half-redneck.
by Billy.Joel June 02, 2011
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