I bet that Vikings fan also has whips, chains, and a drinking problem.
by vikingsfan316 November 3, 2013
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Worked hard, prayed, and dedicated themselves in order to become even more Gay'er than 49er fans.

Usually are born from the Land of 10,000 excuses.

Tend to creep out Packer Fans with their deep seeded jealously.

Have the best play by play guy(when it comes to crying) in the entire NFC north.

Probably Busy Trolling anything Green Bay Related.

Will make illogical excuses for whenever a Team wins a Superbowl.

Probably very nice people in real life but that goddamn purple is infuriating.
Viking fans tend to rain on Packer Fan's parade.

* Superbowl XLV night
Packer Fan on lifesupport: "Yes! We did it! Whooo!"
Viking Fan pulls the plug: "The refs handed you the game!"
by ReelzName June 15, 2011
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people that have no common sense or knowledge of the game of football. They are also complete dirkers.
Did you see those Vikings fans over there? He looks like a retard.
by Ryan_Bears6 May 12, 2019
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