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This move is accomplished when two girls, on their period, are in doggy-style position with their arse holes together so as to create an arch for a man to then eat the period simultaniously out from beneath whilst a second man cums between the adjcent buttocks thus providing the creamy centre to the swirl.
I had a "Viennese swirl" last tasted good but was a bit messy!
by The real Real Keith April 23, 2009
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This is where a you ejaculate into your woman's mouth. She keeps it their and then both french kiss, all the while the semen is swirling around each of your mouths'. This is based on on a popular sweet snack - Viennese Whirl, 2 shortbread biscuits surrounding a cream centre.
Guy 1 - Hey, Me and my girl tried something new last night, we kissed while my semen was in her mouth.
Guy 2 - you lucky so and so, thats the famed Viennese Swirl.
by Dan Spalke December 05, 2013
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