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Gun spamming is a phrase that originated in the early 2000's as the game first person shooter action genre really came alive with such titles as Timesplitters, Halo and Call of duty: big red one and the revolution of email and therefore easier internet spamming. It describes the act of being shot at repeatedly with the same gun until being killed or vice versa at an opponent. AI spamming is similar. It is when a group of Artificial Intelligence simulated enemy's, also known as bots or computer controlled characters, crowds a player making it impossible for him to move and killing him via melee or firing repeatedly depleting his health until dead. This situation often occurs with zombies. Another describes a similar situation where a group of enemy's converse in one spot trying to kill each other and a player seizes the opportunity and gun spam's them until dead raising his score significantly. None of these terms are used in modern day shooters due to technology evolving and as such spam is not used as much. Modern day shooters also have no or small health bars due to the increase in realism. These increases also mean that a quick 3 shot burst is all people can fire without recoil ruining aim completely and developers, taking this into account, have chosen to make this all that's needed most of the time to down a foe.
Person 1: Dude I totally rocked Timesplitters 2 on this frantic elimination match last night. It was a videogame spam fest man! I was down about 15 lives because I kept getting spammed with the soviet rifle and AI kept spamming me down tight corridors. So I stayed in open areas until they started spamming each other like crazy and I was blowing 'em down 2 at a time! No joke!

Person 2: DUDE SWEET!

Person 3: Hey guys what you talking about?

Person 2: Oh nothing much hey you done that maths homework?

Person 3: Nah lol who has? See you later yeah?

Person 2: Yeah sure

Person 1: That seemed pretty cold of you. What's the deal with you and him?

Person 2: Nothing really. He's just a complete tool. Plus he plays modern warfare 2 online all the time so he wouldn't get spamming.

Person 3: Oh he's one of those people? Fuck sake. People these days have no idea what makes a good game anymore.

Person 2: Nuff said. *hi5's person 3*
by coit105 September 08, 2010
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