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The greatest of all friends, the vetefriend surpasses all other friends. Vetefriends have experienced firefights, I.E.D blasts, mortar attacks, death, and war together, thus eliminating any potential bitch-ass perpetuators who may disguse themselves as friends. Unlike regular/best friends and even family members, vetefriends know each others true character when shit gets real as fuck. Very few people can consider themselves vetefriends because not all people are lucky enough to go to war, get blown up, get into firefights, watch people die, live through it without being called a bitch and remain friends back home like nothing ever happend.
Vetefriend1- Hey dude, guess who's having a kid? Besser...

Vetefriend2- Wow, I feel bad for that kid. I bet it must suck having a bitch for a dad. He's probably gonna tell him when he gets older about Afghanistan and make it sound like he went through some shit or something.

Vetefriend1- Yea, tellin him shit that happened to us. Little do they know daddy couldn't leave the wire cause he a bitch so they stuck him in the dispatch.

Vetefriend2- I hope he gets beat up in front of his child one day.

Vetefriend2- I'm glad you ain't a bitch, or else we wouldn't be friends.

Vetefriend1- Me too.
by graflg147 November 22, 2012
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