Term used in reference to George W Bush and upgraded (in this case downgraded) software.
New Version 2.0 Optimized will bring this country to debt faster, create less jobs for everyone, all while bathing himself in OIL. Version 2.0 can do more for you than ever before.
Ever thought about joining the military? Well you may not have a choice. You could be forced to fight his war even if you dont believe in what you are fighting for. This is all thanks to Version 2.0.
The first George Bush sucked!! Now we have to put up with the "new and improved" Version 2.0? This is bullshit!!! Im voting for Nader this Fall.
by blakely September 30, 2004
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It's a bigger blacker cock, the cock is bigger than a giant horse cock (very big pp)
"becky I heard that guy has a bbc version 2.0!" *tyrone whips out his 25 inch pp*
by big pp man22 April 6, 2021
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