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Vernon,NJ a nice beautiful town filled with nice farms and beautiful plazas. It doesn't have your usually freaks.
Hey New Milford is soo ugly.
Lets move to Vernon,NJ
by lacrossegirl09 October 21, 2009
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Vernon, NJ is a small town where the only attraction or place to go is mountain creek water park / ski resort. All of the locals work at mountain creek at minimum wage and most of the people are high school kids who never got a degree. The rest of the locals work at pizzarias, any diner that hasnt burned down or maybe the local bar. Half the people who graduate from vernon highschool are dead from overdosing on drugs, snowboarding accidents, or they have 3 to 4 kids by now. Anyone who grew up in Vernon knows its a trash town and if you stay there you will end up loser scum, which they mostly are. The plus side is theres a run down playboy club where the locals get drugs from and the police are always around. Besides going to the town over to highland lakes, to be a hick and fish and offroad at cherry ridge illegally. Most of the people in vernon own shitty cars or jeeps and do drugs at the "condos" aka "condo rats" where they all hang out to be alcoholics at kites, the local bar, or smoke and be ignorant.
Where are you from?
Oh, Im from Vernon, NJ
Oh wheres that?

Ever heard of Morristown?
Yes I know where that is!
Its no where near that in the woods.
by Pdominate June 03, 2018
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