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A sexual act of submerging one's swollen ball sack into a freshly tapped vat of 100% pure Vermont Maple Syrup and (while still retaining a firm erection) inserting the aforementioned syrup encrusted ballsack into your sexual partner's mouth. The partner (lying face up on the love-making surface of one's choosing) proceeds to caress the ball sack with their tongue making sure to feel every wrinkle on the sack and leaving no syrup behind. The ballsack is to be completely enveloped by the womans mouth and sucked on in a similar fashion to a lollipop. A maple blowjob is then given while wearing a Bernie Sanders mask.
My wife was so horny last night so I decided to show her the Vermont Special. Afterwords I found spiles in every maple tree in our neighborhood. She insisted on making her own maple syrup for the next time.
by Everybody Hurts May 08, 2018
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