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Someone who keeps pushing their verbal will on you after you've disagreed, or have come to another decision.

Pushing verbally against your will to do something you weren't interested in.
"Alright, I get the point..."

" No, Diana, I don't think you do, you see if we go there tonight...."

"ALRIGHT! Stop being a verbal rapist! I get the point, you dont want to go to the bar!"
by David Trawin November 02, 2006
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When you scare a woman with your voice. To the point where she seeks help to avoid you at all costs. An you appear to be a rapist just because you talked to her.
Kevin, Hey whats up, i think your pretty would you like to go to a movie?

Shelby, Someone help me please he scares me!!!

Teacher, Your Verbal Rapist Kevin! Go to the Dean!
by A Band Of Horses!!! September 22, 2014
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