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1. Informal. A moron, a hugely incompetent person or group of persons lacking in intelligence and/or lacking the necessary equipment, skills and experience esp. relating to sexual performance.

2. Sport related jargon. Someone or something of great initial promise that falls embarassingly short.

3. Business. A liar. A Seller of commodities for personal gain. A business person lacking integrity.
Leanne: I pulled a Venky last night - smallest penis i've ever seen.

Jerome: I can't wait to Venky my new client's company. I'm going to run it into the ground and use the proceeds to buy another new villa.

John: You seen the new star wars films?
Mike: Yeah, proper venkys they turned out to be.
by Keyser_sose January 12, 2012
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A VENKY (English pronunciation /vɛnki/) is a Froot Loops loving creature who carries around a lunchbox with vodka. During their freetime, Venkies enjoy frootlooping and rubbing goats. They are generally hairy and resist showering or shaving.
A Venky is a slightly off-centered bipedal organism with a penchant for fruitloops and a tendency to grow mustaches that protrude in a psuedo-terrorist-like fashion.

Wow, look at that guy eating fruitloops. Must be a Venky.
by El Venkinator January 26, 2011
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