(n.) The ability to convince someone with elegance and grace instead of traditional persuasion.
He could not resist the queen's velvet tongue as she beckoned him to murder the king.
by Mottian January 29, 2019
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This is a blow job given using hot/warm tea, and honey. The woman fills her mouth with honey, then sips tea to melt it, and sucks on the man's penis. The sensations of the tea's warmth and the slickness of the honey is quite pleasurable. Also, she has to suck til the honey is all gone, so, good times all round.
Will you be there to hear my speech this afternoon, dear?

Oh, honey, you know I can't resist your velvet tongue...
by inga trinity November 6, 2008
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a dick sucking technique where you take some tea or hot chocolate and get ur tongue super warm before sucking dick. you can also mix it up by stopping and putting an ice cube in ur mouth which makes the guy last longer
tonight im going to show u the velvet tongue ;-)
by evilpfbabe February 9, 2009
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