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A ghetto bitch who is too cheap to purchase her own merchandise, therefore swiping it. Be careful for these Velociratchets, they are known to prowl around on Fridays.
Bob: Be careful man, Velociratchets are known to prowl in these areas, most of the time in packs.
Jim: Okay I'll be careful near the front door.
by Farmertone October 04, 2015
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Typically an African American ratchet woman, known to steal and prowl from store to store. Always be careful and aware because they do travel in pairs. While identifying, be sure to look closely at the absurdly large hoop earrings, scent of cocoa butter, cheap clothing, and ugliness.
Steve: Hey bob I want you to stay toward the front of the store okay?
Bob: Why is that?
Steve: Velociratchets often hunt these hours on a Friday, but don't get to close now.
by Farmertone September 22, 2015
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