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The best fucking band of the Thrash Metal revival. The band formed in 2002 in Tempe, AZ. What makes them so special is that when a Vektor song plays on your iPod you know it's them without looking at the screen, the have a very unique style. The most noticeable thing about Vektor is the vocals, which cosnist of black metal style vocals and insane high pitched screams, that sometimes remind me of... eagles (NOT the band). Their music could be described as Progressive Thrash Metal.

David DiSanto- Guitar and Vocals (2002-present)
Erik Nelson- Guitar (2004-present)
Blake Anderson- Drums (2007-present)
Frank Chin- Bass (2008-present)

Past Members:
Mike Tozzi- Bass (2005-2008)
Adam Anderson (unknown if he is Blake's brother)- Drums (2005-2006)
Kian Ahmad- Drums (2006-2007)

Nucleus (demo) (2003)
Demolition (2006)
Demo (demo duh!) (2007)
Black Future (2009)

I could give you even more info, but I have a life to live :D
For more info, go to Metal Archives.
Random dude: Dude, why ain't you answering your phone?
Me: Sorry man, I've been listening to Vektor's Forsests of Legend for 7 hours straight really, REALLY loud.
Random dude: Ah, ok. I feel you man!
by Accelerating Universe July 17, 2011
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