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When you are sharing your vehicle with someone and it get damaged in someway (door ding, curb check, scratch, totaled) and you blame it on the person you share with, only to find out later that it was your own fault.
Dick: Great, now my wheel is all chewed up because you curb checked. And I know it was you because it wasn't like that last week, and I certainly didn't do that.
Jane: I haven't used the car in the last two weeks, Dick. I've been in the hospital, Dick.
Dick: Yeah, likely story
Dick: Huh, well, I guess I did that when I drove home drunk and ran over that stop sign.
Jane: Yeah, Dick, we call that vehicular Munchausen's by proxy. No one hurt your fucking BMW but you, Dick.
by lil nugget 360 December 02, 2012
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