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To ascribe vegan status to foods or products that are not meant to be vegan; To co-opt animal-derived foods or products by imitating them using vegan ingredients or petroleum-based alternatives; To wistfully attempt to eat, wear, enjoy, and/or proclaim the virtues of highly-processed vegan foods or synthetic products made to look/feel/taste like their original non-vegan equivalent (e.g. veggie dogs, Tofurky, veggie bacon, dairy-free nut cheese, pleather, etc.), while unconsciously expressing regret for becoming a vegan. See also: hypocrisy, delusion, superiority complex, soap-boxing, etc.
This vegan cheesecake does NOT taste "just like regular cheesecake!", so don't veganthropomorphize - just take this shitty wet drywall of a dessert back to the kitchen.
by Deep-sixer September 18, 2015
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