A girl with snow like glowing skin and prettiest smile When you look at any Vedica smiling, you will fall in love with the way they smile. Vedicas are really very pretty and beautiful with long black hair, they possess an immense charm that can melt anyone’s heart. They are very innocent and pure. Vedicas are very talkative in nature. They have a childhish baby like nature, that’s why they trust easily Their emotional and sensitive nature makes them super cute. Many guys run behind Vedicas but still they remain loyal to the guy the love. Usually girls try to put the Vedicas down as they’re jealous, but Vedicas always shine. Sometimes people may misunderstand them as Vedicas are very crazy but vedicas have a very big heart. Vedikas can cook really good and they are Wifey material. If you have a Vedica in your life, don’t let her go because of other people, She will make your life worth living. Once you get to know a Vedica, you’ll realise that she is an angel in disguise. Heaven has Angels but earth has Vedica.
vedica u are just as your name defines
by oksoiamrighthere June 04, 2019
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