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Derived from the Veasey dormitory at Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas. Ceilings in Veasey are considerably lower than the rest of the ceilings on campus and the beds are tall, so the residents of Veasey Hall would have to crawl over their partners a certain way to engage in sexual intercourse. It has now become a staple in the Veasey dance at the highly publicized event, Shirttails. In this event, the freshmen of each dorm are to prepare a choreographed dance and perform it for a trophy. While the Veasey Crawl often results in elimination because of the background of the dance, Veasey continues to use it each year in their performances. Their most recent win of Shirttails was in 2009.
Guy 1: Did you hit that, bro?
Guy 2: Ay, I had that bitch doing the Veasey Crawl all night long.


Girl 1: I can't wait for Shirttails tonight! Martin is gonna kill!
Girl 2: I know, right? And I better see the Veasey Crawl!
by skeletallamping September 09, 2009
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