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Weird, Old, Drunken, Crazy, Saggy, Lying, Stupid, Odd, teacher and/or person who talks with only their jaw and lower lip, exposing their teeth. These people are normally found in the South Carolina, Virgina, Florida, Canada area and are usually found telling "VaughanTales" should be approached with extreme caution; though they may sometimes give you peppermint, hard candy, or the occasional Christmas Angel.
(VaughanWilders often have an annoying lisp).
Mrs. Vaughn (a.k.a VaughanWilder) would not stop telling her VaughanTales therefore all of the freshman class was in fear of failing all year; when in reality they all passed with flying colors thanks to the help of bitching, complaining, and imaginary grades.
by MissCashMoney7 May 28, 2008
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