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The enlightened ferryman who guides Siddhartha to a transcendent understanding of himself and the universe in Herman Hesse's Siddhartha. Vasudeva is spiritually and socially flawless, and he ferries true seekers of wisdom to enlightenment. He is closely linked to the river, and he helps Siddhartha learn how to listen to the river’s secrets. Siddhartha achieves enlightenment only because of his association with Vasudeva.
Vasudeva said "It is as I thought. The river has spoken to you. It is your friend as well, it speaks to you as well. That is good, that is very good. Stay with me, Siddhartha, my friend. I used to have a wife, her bed was next to mine, but she has died a long time ago, for a long time, I have lived alone. Now, you shall live with me, there is space and food for both."
by T to the AB September 05, 2005
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A pimp ass mo-fo who admins
That Vasudeva character from is a MoFo!
by Qwerty November 09, 2004
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Bird of prey for asse. Preference for Ethan Hawke.
vasudeva is teh ASSHAWKe!
by LOki November 11, 2004
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