an awnry/ornery, pesky/pesty, grouchy, cantankerous, belligerent, tetchy, argumentative, crabby, unreasonable, or bad tempered HUMAN BEING OR CREATURE
Bugs Bunny asks Yosemite Sam for multiple items at dinner. Each time he is asked for something, Yosemite Sam loses his temper, and shouts out phrases like “RackinFrackinVarmit Rabbit!!”

Cowboy common use: "Why you li'l VARMIT!!"
by CHERYL XOXOXO April 8, 2008
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A country colloquium. It is usually a way to refer to an animal that is perceived as irrelevant. Squirrels, Opossums, Raccoons, and Armadillos are just some examples of animals that this term is used to describe.

It can also be used to describe anyone is low-down, sorry, worthless, no good.
1. A damn varmit has been in my fucking trash again!

2. You fucked her sister?! You stankin ass varmit.
by SpecklemyFreckle April 3, 2020
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Mark: Hey, how was the date?
Ian: Really good.
Mark: Did you show her the ol' varmit hole?
Ian: Twice
by fasdfasdfasd June 4, 2010
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