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A district in east side Turku, where all da bad neighbohoods, ghettos, ähläm, chink and nigga gangs, and drugs n shit are at. Home to a population of roughly 11 000. Often called "Vakke" by local residents and OGs. There's tonz of police around malls, schools n shit, but it ain't mean shit cuz their corrupt. u no
Varissuo resident: Ever been to mah hoods?
Outsider: No way in hell I'm going THERE! I heard you gettin raped easily.
Varissuo resident: Ain't be no problem for a tru gansta like me, u gotta get yo shit straight and u ain gettin r8pd.

I smoked a blunt of chronic yesterday at the school.
by badass33 November 26, 2006
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