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A popular character amongst the World of Warcraft private server "WoWGasm". This particular figure was quite new to the server at the time, but gained popularity within the people at an alarming rate. His sarcastic humor and famous sayings give him the liking of the crowd. Many of his favorite sayings are un-spoken by others, because of his high amongst the people. Vaprix sometimes refers to users of LFG as his children, he says, as I quote "Don't as why. Ya got that, sonny?" so I suggest not to. Vaprix is usually either at the mall with "Courtz" and other figures, or at his "House" in Thunder Bluff, he has also claimed to have reserved an island with his pet "Pwnzed" for him to "live" on. Vaprix's pet, "Pwnzed" is a (currently) level 137 druid tauren, (Yes, and actual player) his usual form would be a bear, with tribal markings on it (Because Vaprix says so). He usually refers Windstar (and all his alts) as "Texas" as his reference to Military terms. Many information about Vaprix is unknown, such as his age and location. But many claim to have heard his favorite music is, "Dethcore", and that his favorite song is "Deer Dance" By S.O.A.D. Friends of Vaprix would be, "Emoangel", "Cptwaffles" ,"Iba", "Courtz", "Fieryshadows", "Emirex" and his pet, "Pwnzed". It is a great honor to stand by this character.
LookingForGroupVaprix Whats up, children?

LookingForGroupGrumpss I hate yoou!

LookingForGroupVaprix Calm your tits, it's the internet.

LookingForGroupNabob Lol, Vap! You are so funny!

LookingForGroupVaprix Hehe, haha. Yarp!
by [WoWGasm Player] April 21, 2010
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