An expression uttered when an individual reacts in an inappropriately excited manner to a given situation.
Jim: "Oh, my God. Did you see that guy hit on my girlfriend? He gave her a drink and smiled at her. He's totally trying to hit on her. I'm going to fight him."

Dave: "Calm your tits, Jim. He's the bartender."
by bassdude726 May 31, 2014
A phrase we use when a fellow being is: stressed, anxious, freaking out, pissed off, raging, etc.
We can use other phrases such as "calm down", "take a chill pill", "I got chu", "take five", or "take a breather"; but "calm your tits" has the word tits in it and everybody loves tits. So therefore it is right and just to use "calm your tits" when somebody is about to rage.
However, "Calm your tits" is a PG 13 saying. If you are under the age of 13 please use the following:
- "soothe your boobs"
- "de-stress your breasts"
- "undo the calamity that is in your mammaries"
- "adjust your bust before it combusts"
Example #1 (for people above the age of 13)
*couple on phone*
Girlfriend: you liked her fucking instagram photo and rated her a 10 blah blah blah blah unfaithful blah blah ratchet blah blah blah no luv u no mo blah blah heartbrok-
Boyfriend: Babe, calm your tits. I gots you.
Girlfriend: *le sigh*

Example #2 (for people under the age of 13)
Mom: Why is there so many f*cking dishes in the sink Jimmy?! Didnt I tell you to feed the dog?! Where the f*ck is the remote! Make me a coffee and do your chores Jimmy or you're grounded for a month!
Jimmy: Adjust your bust before it

*end of discussion*

Example #3
Tyrone: *takes off with Quinelle's weave without consulting*
Quinelle: *screams* Ackrite Tyrone! Dont fucking play around!! Get your ass back here right now!!!
Tyrone: Geez, Quinelle. Calm your tits. I was just playing around b...

Thank you for your time
by Quinelle March 11, 2014
this phrase is used when someone you are with is too uptight to calm them down
judy: "oh my goodness my hair looks terrible today"
steve: "no, no it doesnt judy"
judy: "shut up steve, yes it does ahhhhh"
steve: "alright judy calm your tits"
by Sam Bell March 23, 2008
Something you say when your girl is getting a little too excited/anxious/nervous/etc.

Variation of "Smooth your boobs" "give your chest a rest" "adjust your bust before you combust" "hakuna yo tatas".
Mindy: I can't believe you were flirting with Cindy! We're DATING Tom! Where is your LOYALTY?! How am I supposed to raise our unborn child?!
Tom: Wait... We have a child?
Tom: Calm your tits, Mindy, Cindy's my cousin. Besides, you've banged Cindy, Sandy, Quinn, and Nate before.
Mindy: *walks away muttering* Well, so have you...
by Sexy Stripper Queen March 15, 2017
What Shannon says when she's at the end of her rope.
Shannon: Blake stop texting me so much. Calm your tits man.
by cookiecamden December 25, 2013
A term that is used towards someone who is being overdramatic or too enthusiastic about a simple topic or matter.
Dan: "Matt your swing is awful! Your only swinging with your arms, you have to shift your weight more" Matt: "Dan, calm your tits"
by JPsKills10 July 4, 2010