Vaporwar is a niche genre of music edits that involves military footage synced with music. The themes vary but are usually trying to create a sense of nostalgia and or grandeur. Despite being called 'Vaporwar' the music doesn't necessarily have to be Vaporwave but is often rock or new wave. In spite of the similarities with Fashwave the intention of Vaporwar is not to invoke or instill far-right beliefs on the viewer, however, they can overlap in certain cases. But it does not reflect on the genre as a whole.

Prominent Vaporwar YouTube channels include, 'War Aesthetics' (now defunct), Mauzer and Majorsamm.
Hey is that some Suez Crisis Vaporwar?
Have you watched the new Vaporwar video released by Majorsamm?
Personally, Soviet Vaporwar is the best.
by Coom Doompster January 15, 2021
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A product you are selling but have not actually made
Xenix, Half-Life 2: Episode Three are vaporwares.
by uskfbsvds December 2, 2021
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