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VanderWilt is a Dutch surname which means 'from the wild'. Characteristics of a VanderWilt: attractive, sensual, corny, loyal, fairly stubborn, generally right, impulsive, witty, intelligent, honest, insightful and slightly condescending.

VanderWilts vary in height greatly, but generally are all trim and proportional. Some have more hair than others, but all have perfect teeth.

A VanderWilt is the very best of friends, and an ideal lover.

VanderWilts have a predilection for aesthetics, practicality and integrity. This taste is seen in their choice of cars, furniture, clothes, friends, careers, and even spouse.
A: Hey, are you going to the happy hour on Friday?

B: Yeah, but I don't know if I will bring anyone.

A: I am bringing a VanderWilt.

B: Show-off.


A: Ugh... I am so pissed off!

B: Why? Did your date with the VanderWilt go poorly?

A: No, the opposite. It was light, fun and romantic... except for that I got my ass schooled in current events.

B: Typical. I hear they are good kissers though...

A: Darnn straight.
by Not-VanderWilt February 04, 2010
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