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To get the hell or fuck out of a place or situation.
If you want to leave any place or situation just tell your buddy "lets Van Dusen."
by Argen86 October 13, 2009
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1. Fecal Matter, the contents of one's colon or rectum.

2. Foolish, deceitful, or boastful language, worthless, deceptive, or insincere. Pretentious, insolent talk or behavior. i.e. bullshit. Or one who engages in such behaviors i.e. a poser.

Often used in certain fixed constructions e.g.
To pull a Van Dusen, to drop a Van Dusen.
1. I'll be there shortly, gotta go drop a van dusen first.

2. Did you hear that guy who wouldn't shut up about St. Augustine? Jeez, what a Van Dusen.
by Kabouter Weasley March 01, 2013
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When someone is a giant pussy, who Exhibits racism, idiotic behaviour, while having multiple freak outs a day.
β€œVANDUSEN! I heard you were taking shit”
Vandusen : β€œwell I heard you smell like poo”
*gets headbunt*
by DrPhil.mybabydaddy September 15, 2019
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