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Found in Hollywood, Vampires Everywhere now signed with Century Media.
Band members
Singer/ Screamer goes by the name of Michael Vampire,
Zak Night and Aaron Graves on Guitar,
David Darko on Drums,
Jay Killa on Keyboards,
Alexander Rogue on Bass,
Down to earth guys, somewhat big egos, but brilliant artists, Known most for their song Immortal Love,
Vampires Everywhere! got their name and inspirations from Lost Boys,
Hottopic dweeb : Zomg did you hear about the Sacred Ceremony Tour? Black Veil Brides on tour w00t!

Girl who knows about music : You know there are other bands on the tour, right?

Hottopic Dweeb : BVB all the way dude,

Girl listening in : I happen to like VE! best

Second girl listening in : I like Modern Day Escape, Vampires Everywhere! Get Scared and Black Veil Brides, you all need to get a life Newbz
by EmoSceneHipsterKid October 07, 2010
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What happens when twilightfags + generic ass riffs + leather/teased hair/black everything + gayness (again) + auto tuning + making music purely for money without ever having a shred of respect for yourself or god damn art whatsoever just because you're exploting the recent resurgence in vampire popularity and you get signed to a shitty label? You get the JO-Bro's known as Vampires Everywhere! The also double as a band for fat scene chicks who like BrokeNCYDE!
Teen Girl: "Hey, did you hear the new Vampires Everywhere!?"

Teen Dude: "That twilightcore garbage sucks. Coffinflip, babe."
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