To T-bag someone with a bloody tampon
Man Jasmine Vampire T-bagged last night it so wasn't cool man
by Sparky Wolf Dream December 28, 2013
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An used tampon that, when put into boiling water, makes it bloody, terefore making it good source of food for vampires
A: You really prefer vampires over werewolfs? Are you insane? Werewolfs are fluffy, soft and hot and don't need to harm you to survive.

B: But vampires are handsome.

A: They are gross! Havn't you hear of vampire tea?!?!?!
by Opso Opos April 26, 2021
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"I sucked on my girl's vampire teabag last night and pulled it out of her like a party popper"
by ErosSlav6661 January 10, 2021
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When you eat a girl out when she’s on her period
Chad: did you eat her out?
Brad: yeah she was on her period.
Chad: congrats bro! You got your vampire teeth
by Nealspunchingbag May 11, 2019
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a weekend where you close all the blinds and stay away from sunlight. A smaller version of a Vampire Life.
"I hate this week, I'm having a vampire weekend."
by Stacey Stacey July 11, 2021
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Lesbian orgy where all participants or most participants are on their period concentrating on oral sex
My sorority sisters and I had a vampire weekend after the frat party
by Bambi barrister June 22, 2022
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