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VS is a state of a person when he completely loses his fucking mind due to excessive watching of Vampire related movies and Tv series eg.. Twilight Saga, Eclipse,The Vampire Diaries, Vampire fucking Academy etc etc... Patient will always talk about vampires and peruse you to watch vampire related content ****warning this is a spreading syndrome ***** so always keep a distance from this person. They also love to watch Zombie related content.

This syndrome could be cured by right treatment Lock the patient in a room with no lights a bunch of real life movies lock him for about 12 hours and burn or delete all the vampire related content would help.
John : jerry is acting abnormal since he started watching vampire movies.
anna: yeah i noticed it.
john : i think he has Vampire syndrome and its getting worse.
by Cool_Dude June 03, 2015
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The moment after waking up when the light of your phone burns your eyes
"Man why isn't she returning my texts?"

"She probably just has vampire syndrome, give her a few minutes."
by TheWolf017 January 17, 2018
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Someone who doesn't age.
Person 1: Whoa... look at that person!

Person 2: Looks like they haven't age in a day!
Person 3: Yeah its called the Vampire Syndrome.

(I.e. Keanu Reeves, Joel Heyman, etc.)
by Black Gangster Ghetto Blaster February 27, 2017
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