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A strange, human-like creature seen in Silent Hill 3 who stalks Heather throughout the game. You'll recognize him by his erratic head movements, and by the fact that he is usually seen turning a red valve. He wears a long brownish robe with no sleeves and black boots. The Mark of Metatron has been branded into each of his arms, signalling rebirth. (You'll see him dragging Heather away by her ankles in a 'game over' sequence. To revive her? Maybe.) Some like to call him the 'attendant to God,' for in the final scenes of the game, he ceremoniously places a helmet onto the God's head. The whole 'valve business' supposedly represents the change from one world to another. He cannot harm you, and you cannot harm him, so don't worry if he gets a bit close. In fact - he might just be on your side. Fear his prettiness.
Don't deny it . . . Valtiel OWNS you!
by Subnuclear October 26, 2004
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