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A town in northern Alberta with a deep connection to the spiritual.
Some amazing things go on in Valleyview that would make you think twice about reality!
by Drcrepidarian January 30, 2009
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a middle school for grades 5-8. the eighth graders think they're the actual shit compared to the fifth graders. all they care about is looking cool and showing off they're "priviledges" in front of the youngsters. most seventh graders are extreme wannabe eighth graders and most likely have no friends so hang out with the annoying ass sixth graders who will 100% regret everything they post on social media within the next two years. the fifth graders are freaks who wear emoji shirts and print leggings and uggs in fall and spring. shitty school with a shitty principal and shitty teachers.
Girl: Hey you're a loser are you from Warren Middle School?
Boy: No i'm from Valley View
by bradymul July 18, 2017
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