A soulless child age 10 to 18 doomed to wander the valley searching for meaning in life. Seen wearing expensive streetware or your average thirft shop mama jeans and cap. Always smoking cigarettes with other valley kids in 7/11 parking lots or allies, flashing fake IDs or talking about those who made it out of the valley. Many try to emulate the "valley look" as its a sign of being "cool" but it's obvious who the fakers are. A real valley kid would never admit to being one...
Occasionally see them throwing signs of a side ways peace sign around their eyes, but nowadays those who do this are fakers as the trend has died.
I miss Stein, he was a true valley kid.
by Suckdickfornicegarms April 18, 2016
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A person from Happy Valley who acts ghetto super star but is actually a spoiled rich kid. Generally retarded and can be seen flashing the "valley" sign a side ways peace sign, sometimes across their neck.

Guys will be seen rapping to music and waving their arms as if they know what they are at and girls are THE epitome of a valley girl. Uses words such as like OMG and kk all the time. Both will be dressed well in designer or name brand clothing. Guys usually drive general cars such as a Cobalt and civic but with a fart can and/or spoiler on the trunk and think they are the fastest machine going, true speed racers, the stereo will also be cranked full blast so you don't actually understand the words pumping from the car as it speeds by.

You can be a velley kid without actually living in the valley. Those who are valley completly deny and often make fun of other valley kids.
"That is such a valley kid"
"they are so valley"
"fucking speed racer, stupid valley kid"

Valley kid: valley for life!
valley kid #2: valley bitches!
(both tossing the sideways V symbol)
by valleybitch26 September 11, 2010
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