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Wonderful, beautiful stunning woman who loves with all her heart and hates with everything shes got, you dont want to stuff this woman up or she will curse you.!!
Valeska wont be happy you better fix it now
by Valeska who else would it be? February 02, 2010
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Ditsy girl who always tends to fall over and hurt herself, she tends to have blond hair which she dyes brown and greenish eyes. normally lives just out of town therfore she gets alot of money for travel. country girl who has a large collection of animals.
Person 1 -"look that girl just fell over"
Person 2 -"yeh she just did a valeska"
by ashla167480 July 24, 2010
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She is a very outgoing hoe, she tends to steal people away from people. She is a bitch who can not be trusted, and tends to talk about people behind there back. They also have thick and bad eyebrows.
Ex. 1-person:wow, do you see that bitch over there
Ex.2- she looks like a valeska
by Your worst nightmare bitch January 06, 2018
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