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Valenie is a very sweet, kind and big-hearted person. Always beautiful with a broad and shiny smile. Very fashionable and knows how to dress. She might be shy and quiet but after a certain amount of time (depends how soon she'll feel comfortable around you) she might surprise you with a witty comeback and finally release the wild lioness that slumbers in her. Also, she doesn't curse! Goes by Valenie, Valabee, Val, Bal, etc.
1.) Guy: ,,DUDE! Remember when I told you about how shy I thought Valenie is? Well, today I felt like I was talking to a different Valenie! She asked me about fisting and anal sex!! :D"
2.) Girl: ,,Wow, I wish people loved me as much as they love Val.. look, everybody's trying to be around her!"
3.) ,,*zighs* zo zou zunderstand zow zuch Z zove zou zow? Zow...zand Z zhought zhat ze zad zas zpecial..."
by notsarahhahawhatwhohuh July 13, 2015
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