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A crappy little village right outside of Manitowoc, WI. Since there is absolutely nothing to do there in this town of 997 people the residents who will openly admit they are from here, sit around all day and drink. They have nothing to live for, except for their local high school. So everyone in town obsesses about the school's sports teams to fill the lack of anything in their lives.

The school is most well known for wrestling-but no one besides them cares, and their varsity boys and girls basketball teams. You see, they think they are really good, but year after year they fail to accomplish anything. They barely can make it past regionals much less even dream of making it to state. The fan are considered some of the most obnoxious and rude in the area and overall everyone just hates them.
Nick: You're from Valders?
Joe: Bob: Yeeehhhh
Nick: WTF is your problem. We can no longer be friends. Valders people are not even real people. Move somewhere with class!!
by JimJones14 December 06, 2010
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A little town that thinks it is the best, unknown to them every other town thinks there a bunch of backwards hillby queer fags o also Valders if your listening the rest of the world doesnt know you exsist shit people from Manty dont even care were you are
Hey those two are from Valders, Don't stare you will offend them.
by The Ghost with the most March 11, 2014
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