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Is a noun describing a person who pretends to be goody too shoes but is super naughty and super smart
Don't mess with him. He is a Vaibhav Pittie
by haaknskdbdhhbs March 10, 2011
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Vaibhav Pittie: adjective
Vaibhav Pittie is used to describe annoying behavior of emotionlessly relating everyday stuff to arcane and vague economic or foreign policy issues in sentences riddled with words picked up from magazines which as a rule have to be published in the US/UK.
Girl to Vaibhav Pittie: God, you are so cute! We should meet up later.
Pittie: How about next month? The roaring inflationary rate of the US Dollar will make it easier for both of us 23 days later, when an WTO directive will temper the currency. We should also debate the principle of the guy paying for the date. Let's read Peter Singer and discuss this. How about H2 canteen for the date?
by Suman Rao December 07, 2011
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