A post on social media that contains no context and remains unclear and confusing to most if not all of the readers. The OP (Original Poster) usually makes a Vague Post to gain attention by having people comment below to ask what the post is about. Vague Posts are usually best ignored. If you can't let it go, comment with "That's a vague post" and link to its definition on Urban Dictionary.
YOUR VAGUE POST FRIEND POSTS: "Well, I'm not doing THAT again."

YOU COMMENT: "Not doing *what* again?"
YOUR VAGUE POST FRIEND REPLIES HOURS LATER: "Ugh, it's not even worth getting into."
by Lynneconceivable February 27, 2018
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A comment or statement that is made by someone on a social media site who's thinking is in a very tight dramatic circle. The post is very unclear and usually has no redeeming value to those who read it. However, the poster uses this tactic to build curiosity in his/her friends so they may inquire why the post was made. But the poster never responds or explains to why they made such a ridiculous comment..
friend's post: "the humidity has something to do with it!"
me: "what are you talking about?"
4or5 hours elapse with about 5 likes
me: "why make such a vague post?"
by xwhite July 9, 2014
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