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The PERFECT world, drempt of in the minds of all men. It includes only the male dreamer, and millions of hott, horny, willing young women attending to his every whim, and obeying his every command. It translates into the idea of "Heaven", where if you think you've found such a place, you're either dreaming, or dead.
Ralph- "Dude I had the best dream last night, where it was just me, and all these hott girls."

Leon- "Thats called Vagitopia dude, you can see it in you're dreams, but only live it if you're dead."

Ralph- "I could live THERE.....hhhmmm"......BBOOMM!!!!!!!

Leon- "What the fuck, Ralph just shot man".......BBOOMM!!!!!
by cuntpunter69 February 22, 2008
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