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Vagistocracy (Also: Legion of Vagistocracy) is the well structured hierarchical establishment comprised of Agents (Bias). Internal struggle for power and influence among the Bias is ongoing and, thus, members of the Legion must exhibit a healthy level of “Agentness” at all times in order to maintain their status. “Agentness” itself is a highly volatile and constantly varying state but recurring characteristics include an unnatural looking tan (possibly orange hue), unnatural looking dyed/bleached blond hair (or jet black; See: Dark Agent), and the presence of the brand of the Legion (See: Tramp Stamp). Agents will most often emit an aura of pretentiousness and higher ranking members will posses an intense bitchiness. When crossed, an Agent will manifest an extreme maliciousness that is highly dangerous when not countered with the appropriate defenses, the most notable of which involve numbers and logic.
Pete: The Vagistocracy is out in full force today, huh?
Tony: Yeah, check out that Dark Agent over there. She is so orange she looks like a fucking oompa loompa.
by Use Logic March 11, 2008
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