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Born initially from an amusing spelling mistake, the word vagibna (orrectly spelt in Maltese, it includes a dot on the 'g') has taken on a meaning all its own. A cross between the female genitalia and a local cheeselet made of goat's milk, it has been linked with images of genitals carved out of cheese or indeed, cheese carved out of genitals. It can also be used as an exclamation of surprise, as an insult or as a sexual innuendo. This is common to a large percentage of Maltese words, especially when accompanied by a particularly dark and sinister tone.

The word, as most Maltese ones will, bends easily to the morphological laws that allow the production of a noun, adjective and verb based on the consonantal root of the word.
vagibna - noun

ivvagibnajna - verb (3rd person plural, past tense)

ivvagibnaghat - adjective ('he is invagibnated')
by MaybeLaser November 02, 2010
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