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Pronounced VAhJ-STAB.
The female equivalent of cockblocking, or to prevent someone from having sex.
Man to man sex prevention is cockblocking.
Female to female sex prevention is vagstabbing.
"Kayla. I'm locked out of the apartment and I have to go to work. I need your key... Can you come home and let me in?"
"But I'm about to get some action!"
"Kayla. I need you."
"Uuuugh! You're such a vagstabber!"


"Kayla. I'm locked out of the apartment and I'm trying to get some action with Cody. Let me in?"
"There's a reason the door's locked. You guys are too loud. I'll unlock it when I leave."
"Uuuugh! You're such a vagstabber!"
by zenigurl August 16, 2009
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